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Svar til: The Albestrian 37’ns

Tobias B T

    De har endda en sang
    Choir of the Albestrian 37’ns or “The Golden Hummingbirds” regiment

    When the great Aquila falls
    And you think our hope is lost
    Look in to the skies and you will be surprised

    For when they go to their wars
    And when they don mask and cloak
    They will never fault and never even sigh

    For they are the Golden Hummingbirds
    They soar in and drop out
    Fighting xenos with vicious zeal
    On The imperiums open skies

    Unofficial verse:
    So after we beat the orks
    And both colors of eldar
    And the chaos, and the nechies and the nids

    We’ll go back to the barrack
    And we’ll drown in amasec
    For a soldiers life can’t be short to live

    For we are the Golden hummingbirds
    We soar in and drink up
    Hykes he stole the commissars pants
    To the imperiums open skies

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