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The Albestrian 37’ns

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      Tobias B T

        Jeg hat siddet og kedet mig her hjemme og lavet et IG regiment.
        The Albestrian 37’ns or “Golden humming birds” regiment
        Regiment specialization: they as provide drop troop and ace pilots.
        Home world: the death world of Albestria is a very mountainous place indeed. But the day the adeptus mechanicum allowed the planet flying machines. Their usefulness to the imperium grew greatly for they are ace pilots and they make glorious drop troop due to their hardy nature.
        Commanding officer: Jakobiel Hykes is while a great leader, quite problematic and has given the war effort some troubles. Because he believes his men are worth as much as ten of the average guardsman.
        Training doctrine: the soldiers are trained daily to never even think of giving an inch to their opponents. This has lead to numerous occasions where their soldiers were in such poor condition when the came back from a mission. Some of them were literally holding back their inner organs.
        Special equipment: the soldiers are equipped with injectors of combat drugs. In order to keep pushing even when another guardsmen would die.

        Crunch wise they have these
        Home world: death world
        Commanding officer: maverick
        Regiment type: drop troops
        Training doctrine: die hards
        Special equipment doctrine: combat drugs
        Favored basic weapon: combat shotgun

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        Tobias B T

          De har endda en sang
          Choir of the Albestrian 37’ns or “The Golden Hummingbirds” regiment

          When the great Aquila falls
          And you think our hope is lost
          Look in to the skies and you will be surprised

          For when they go to their wars
          And when they don mask and cloak
          They will never fault and never even sigh

          For they are the Golden Hummingbirds
          They soar in and drop out
          Fighting xenos with vicious zeal
          On The imperiums open skies

          Unofficial verse:
          So after we beat the orks
          And both colors of eldar
          And the chaos, and the nechies and the nids

          We’ll go back to the barrack
          And we’ll drown in amasec
          For a soldiers life can’t be short to live

          For we are the Golden hummingbirds
          We soar in and drink up
          Hykes he stole the commissars pants
          To the imperiums open skies

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          Kim A

            nice :)

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